Cookies Policy

What are cookies?
A cookie is a piece of text that the website sends to the web browser when it is visited. Cookies help to the website remind information about your visit, for instance the language or other settings.
This may be eficient for your following searchings and also for the usefulness of the webpage.

Cookies may improve your browsing as a user and are used in most of the websites. 

Which cookies do we use?
We use our own cookes and from third pages for the following purpose:

  • Remind the language preference of the user
  • Make the browse easier
  • Assemble stadistic data about our website use. This data are anonymous, they are used to provide us information such as the number of visitants, the duracy of the visiting, the visited website, the browser used or the screen resolution

Your private data are not used in cookies.

The obtained data will be used to improve your browsing and get statistic information about the use of the website. Cookies are considered a useful tool so as to provide you the best searching.


May I deactivate cookies?
Web browsers allow you to restrict, block and erase cookies.